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What People Are Saying?



I was so suprised that the owner Scott himself came out to service my septic tank. 

Not only was he extremely professional but informed me ways to keep my septic tank at its best.

His price was extremely competitive and when I called other places they charged extra hidden fees that unless you know what to ask they wont tell you.

Example uncovering your tank is an extra fee. I highly recommend him.

Excellent Information! Very Professional


Scott came in and made it very clear that he cares about his customers.

He did say it outright, but mostly showed it through actions.

He let me know what he was doing at each step, as ours was a bit of a special case.

He did an inspection and let me know everything I needed to know to keep our septic tank in good shape.  He was good-natured and very respectful.

In an industry like this, it's hard to find good, honest people, and Scott's most certainly is that.

We will definitely be doing business in the future.




We recently bought our home and needed to schedule our first pump. 

This is the first home that we've lived in that had it's own septic tank- we knew absolutely nothing about it.

I called Scott's Septic Service and spoke with Scott. Scotts-Septic-Service-3

I explained that I needed to have my tank pumped, that this was our first time and I was not familiar with the system.

Scott was very informative on the phone.

Explaining how to find my lids and advising me to make sure they were uncovered- which saved me the fee of paying him to uncover them!

Not many companies would do that. When he got to my home he not only pumped my tank, he also went over everything I needed to know.

All the do and don'ts and maintenance tips.

I will continue to have Scott take care of my septic system for many years- as well as recommend him to all my neighbors.

Excellent Service!


Scott showed up at the time promised and was very efficient and careful.

He answered my questions on how to best take care of my system.

His price was very competitive. I recommend him highly.