Tank Pumping in Federal Way


Scotts Septic Service is proud to offer our services 7 days a week to all over the South King County area.

Pump Your Septic Tank in Federal Way

If you cant find where you tank or access lid is, or perhaps have landscaped over it and don’t want to tear up your hard work without knowing more specifically where it is, we have the solution for you.

We bring a radio transmitter that we can flush down your drain, and into your tank.

Once it lands, we can find it with a receiver and then locate the actual lid with a probe.

Federal Way Septic Cleaning

Sometime due to the depth of your tank, your septic tank access lid gets buried under too much dirt. 

To easily access your septic system we might require light excavation. 

We can add an additional collar that will raise the level of your lid up to ground level for easy access.

Superior Tank Pumping & Septic Cleaning Service

We can do small excavation projects around the tank and sand filter for the purpose of repair and service, but do not do septic tank installation or design.


We can however recommend people who can do this for you.

Scotts Septic Service is a family owned company that is not only owner operated, but is committed to providing service that is above and beyond our customers expectations. 

It's our customer service, in addition to our superior service that lets you know why we are your dependable choice for all your septic tank solutions.

We will pump, and clean your septic tank system to ensure that it remains effective and help prolong the life of your septic system.

We are so sure that you will be blown away by the service you receive from start to finish with us.

We don’t hesitate to say that when it comes to customer service and professional workmanship because we are the premier septic service company in the Northwest! Call 253-261-3453.