Renton Septic Cleaning

Emergency Renton Septic Cleaning in WA near 98055Scott's Septic Service has been serving the greater Renton area for almost 10 years now, performing septic tank pumping and routine septic tank service.

And while many companies say that they put the customer first, Scott's Septic Service puts this motto into action.

We are an owner/operated company that doesn’t leave customer service behind after we book the appointment.

When you call for a septic tank service or a septic tank pumping service, from the first ring, to the tail lights out of your driveway, our goal is to not just gain a customer, but a client and friend for life.

And we know that the only way you do that is by making customer satisfaction as our top priority.

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Renton Clean & Pump Septic Tanks

Many people think that you should wait until you hear your septic alarm go off before you actually call for a septic tank service.

This thought pattern can really get you in a ton of trouble however if your septic tank backs up into your home. Expert Renton Clean & Pump Septic Tank in WA near 98055

A backed up septic tank can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage in a single day, not to mention a huge hassle.

We suggest that to ensure that a catastrophe like this never happens to you, that you make sure to get your septic tank serviced a minimum of once every 3 years, and possibly more depending on how many people live in your house hold.

Many homes in Renton have a smaller sized drain field due to land restrictions or near by water, called sand filters.

If you don’t have regular septic tank pumping or septic tank service, it can damage your sand filter to the point of needing to be replaced.

This process often costs well over $20,000.00, and should convince even the most staunch penny pinchers that regular septic tank service is far cheaper than letting it slide and ending up paying a repair bill on the tank or sand filter.

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Renton Septic Tank Pumper

If you own a home with a septic tank anywhere around the Renton area, make sure that you call Scott's Septic Service and let us show you why when we gain a client, we keep them for life.

Don’t trust your septic tank pumping to the first name in the phone book or to companies that have pretty adds, but answer the phone with machines.

Call your local Renton neighbor today and let Scott's Septic Service help you!

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