Auburn Septic Maintenance


Regular septic system maintenance in your Auburn, WA area property is a necessity, not an option. It can be easy in your rushed daily life to forget all about the wastewater management and disposal system that keeps your property hygienic as well as functional.

However, taking the system for granted and neglecting routine septic maintenance is a big mistake. Failure of timely septic maintenance invariably leads one day to clogged drains and sewage backups into the property, burdening you with problems like:

  • Water damage to property
  • Health hazards from unhygienic conditions
  • Municipal penalties for code violations

Avoid such troubles by calling Scott's Septic Service regularly for septic maintenance in your Auburn property. We offer comprehensive septic sewer maintenance services that include inspection and cleanup of the system. You can hire us for septic tank maintenance or complete septic system maintenance. Our septic maintenance experts can work on systems of all types and sizes.

Auburn Septic Tank Maintenance


One of the critical components of a septic system is the tank that receives the daily waste generated on the property. From there, the wastewater moves into the drain field while the solid settles down in the tank.

Proper septic tank maintenance in any Auburn area property is essential to keep the entire system working fine. We are happy to help the people in this region maintain clean properties and keep waste disposal problems at bay with our septic tank maintenance services. Our technicians do a detailed job and confirm the efficient working of all the septic tank components, including the:

  • Baffle walls
  • Septic tank pump
  • Inlet and outlet pipes
  • Ventilation pipe
  • Septic tank alarm

Make us your first and only call septic tank maintenance services.

Auburn Septic System Maintenance


We are equally thorough while handling jobs for complete septic system maintenance. Our septic company has built a stellar reputation in the industry as well as a large customer base. We credit our success to a steadfast commitment to doing quality work and giving top priority to customer satisfaction.

When you hire us for septic system maintenance in your Auburn area property, rest assured that your investment is in capable, safe, and reliable hands.

We assure you of:

  • Septic maintenance by well-trained, seasoned technicians
  • Affordable septic system maintenance cost
  • Respect for your property, leaving it clean and intact after the job

If it is time for septic tank maintenance in your Auburn area property, call Scott's Septic Service at (253) 261-3453. Also, call us for full septic system maintenance.