Septic Pumping Burien

Scotts Septic Service offers its septic tank pumping and other septic tank services to Burien and its surroundingScott-Halverson areas and has been providing excellent care to this area for nearly 10 years now.

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Service
  • Septic Tank Locating Electronically
  • Extension Riser Installation
  • Repair and Installation of Baffles

And while looking above, you can see some of the ways that Scotts Septic Service can help you out, the thing that we take the most pride in is our customer satisfaction rate.

We feel that we provide something more than any of those other huge companies can; that personal touch that comes from our owner seeing the job through from start to finish.

Scotts Septic Services feels that an on the job owner can ensure customer satisfaction better by far than some owner sitting on a yacht in Barbados.

It’s with this in mind that Scott walks you through the job from start to finish. Including all the dirty work, as well as the paperwork.

We even offer service 7 days a week to Burien and its surrounding areas to ensure that we’ll be able to work around your schedule and get your home taken care of before any costly overflows or backups happen.

Burien Septic Tank Pumping

Don’t put off septic tank pumping or septic tank service just because you don’t know a good septic tank service company or because you don’t think you have time to get your septic tank pumping done.

Call Scotts Septic Service today and we’ll make sure to work with you until the job is done.

The cost for putting your septic tank pumping off can be far more cost in the end than a life time of doing things right.

Cleaning Residential Septic System Burien, WA

cleaning-residential-septic-system-in-burien-waScotts Septic Service always recommends that you get your septic tank pumping done every three years or less depending on how many people you have living in your home, or using your restrooms.

So think back on when the last time you had the septic tank pumping done in your Burien home.

If you are like most people and can’t remember when the last time you had your septic tank pumping done, then its probably been more than 3 years.

It is time to place a call to Scotts Septic Service today and let us show you why people in Burien have been switching to our superior service for years now!