Burien Septic Systems


Septic systems in Burien, WA require timely septic tank maintenance and service to properly function. Ignoring septic tank maintenance can prove very costly and inconvenient in the long run. At Scott’s Septic Service, we aim to deliver optimum septic tank service and on-time solutions for septic tank maintenance so our clients in Burien can enjoy a healthy and hassle free life.

Located underground on any property in Burien, septic systems do not get much attention. That is why most Burien homeowners ignore the need for regular septic tank maintenance and only look for professional septic tank service when faced with a major issue.

Regular septic tank maintenance can help you avoid a lot of issues:

  • Costly repairs
  • Time consuming septic tank service
  • Inconvenience

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Burien Septic Tank Maintenance


The need for septic tank maintenance and the length of time it for pumping septic systems can vary from one household in Burien to another. Therefore, we assure individualized assistance for every homeowner in Burien so that your septic systems get the best care and septic tank service possible.

We offer all of our customers the following:

  • Regular septic tank service
  • Emergency assistance
  • Affordable and reliable septic tank service

Most of the problems in septic systems can be easily avoided with on-time septic tank maintenance. For rectifying other issues in septic systems, you can hire our septic tank service technicians. After thoroughly inspecting septic systems, we try to detect any problems requiring immediate septic tank service.

By rectifying any underlying issues, we can provide all of the proper septic tank maintenance required for keeping septic systems working efficiently.

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Burien Septic Tank Service


Our claims to deliver reliable septic tank service are backed by years of experience and a competent team of septic tank service experts equipped with advanced tools. We realize the problems homeowners in Burien might have to face due to clogged septic systems and deliver unmatched assistance and septic tank maintenance services to our clients.

Besides providing reliable and timely septic tank maintenance solutions, we also educate homeowners in Burien about improving the functioning of their septic systems by avoiding certain things:

  • Planting trees or shrubs near septic systems
  • Disposing of paint, food scraps, or grease by flushing them down the toilet
  • Using hazardous cleaning chemicals

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