Des Moines Area Septic Systems Require Ongoing Maintenance



Scott’s Septic is a proud provider of septic systems service. We have been providing service in the Des Moines, WA area for many years. Our quality septic tank maintenance and septic tank service is essential for ongoing maintenance of septic systems in the Des Moines area. We have been providing reliable septic system solutions which are inevitable to make drainage system work efficiently.

In the Des Moines area, septic systems require thorough septic tank maintenance and septic tank services to fix the drainage issues. If you have not given any attention to your septic tank for a long time, we can easily find the lids for people’s septic systems and we provide great septic tank maintenance in the Des Moines area.

Our septic system maintenance service offer:

  • Timely and affordable septic tank service for septic systems
  • Septic systems excavation services before providing septic tank maintenance
  • Comprehensive septic systems cleaning


Septic Tank Maintenance for Des Moines Area Septic Systems


Septic tank maintenance is inevitable in order to keep septic systems working properly. Therefore, we have designed superior septic tank maintenance services which are comprehensive enough to meet the cleaning needs of all Des Moines area septic systems. Let us take care of your septic system and its cleaning needs.

Tank pumping is an effective means to clean the drainage system. Our septic tank service is one of the best in the entire Des Moines area for we provide superior tank pumping and septic tank maintenance.

Most of the residents find it difficult to locate the lid of septic tank. With the help of electronic septic tank locating, we quickly find the lids of septic systems and provide quality septic tank service and septic tank maintenance in the Des Moines area. Distinctive features of our septic tank maintenance are:

  • Extension riser installation to easily access septic tank
  • Quality septic tank pumping
  • 24/7 septic tank services


Why Choose Us When You Need Septic Tank Service in the Des Moines Area?


Scott’s Septic is our family owned business where we provide excellent septic tank service in the Des Moines area. Main feature of our septic tank service is to provide dependable septic tank maintenance to the residents of the Des Moines area. Highly trained septic tank maintenance specialists and modern equipment distinguishes our septic tank service as one of the most reliable in the city.

Our septic tank service offers:


  • Affordable cleaning and maintenance
  • Easily accessible and timely drainage cleaning
  • Septic tank service you can rely on