Federal Way Septic Systems


You are dependent upon your septic systems for the holding, processing, and filtering of all waste water out of your house, or Federal Way area business. Federal Way area septic systems supply a holding and treatment place for all wastewater, not only toilet solid or fluid waste, but additionally other waste water from bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, basins, and automatic washers.

Although septic pumping is important for maintaining your Federal Way area septic systems, we provide supplementary recommendations and ideas for sustaining your current septic systems for years to come. As part of the maintenance of your septic systems:

  • Do not grow trees near the drain system field 
  • Do not allow vehicles to drive through the drain field
  • Do not flush compounds or bleach that destroy organic germs

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Federal Way Septic Tank Maintenance


If you want to keep your family away from wastewater logged patches, waste water back-flows, and bad odors, regular septic tank maintenance is the proper way of protection of sewage system from these issues. Scott’s Septic Service is proud to offer 7 days-a-week septic tank maintenance to all in the Federal Way, WA area.

We provide septic tank maintenance for Federal Way area septic systems, to ensure that they remain effective and help extend the lives of your septic systems. We are so sure that you will be blown away by our septic tank maintenance service you receive from start to finish with us:

  • Full service septic tank maintenance
  • Septic tank maintenance, including tank pumping and repair of it's parts
  • Free OSS inspection with septic tank service
  • Modern septic tank locating for your Federal Way area
  • Expert septic tank maintenance whether repair, replace, or install

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Federal Way Septic Tank Service


Scott’s Septic Service in Federal Way area provides full septic tank systems, including septic tank maintenance for septic systems. We offer both residential and commercial septic tank service to our Federal Way area clients for local septic systems needs. Homeowners and businesses depend on us for all septic tank service, particularly for septic tank maintenance in the septic systems. Our septic tank service specialty is emergency septic tank maintenance services. We stand by our free estimates, and guarantee our septic tank service. Federal Way area septic tank service offers:

  • Emergency septic tank service
  • Reasonable septic tank service cost
  • Septic tank service available for 24 hours/7 days
  • Full septic tank system service & septic tank maintenance
  • Free estimate for the services of septic systems

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