Auburn Septic Tank Service


Is your home not connected to the city sewer system and uses a privately installed septic system for waste management? If you rely on a septic system, then you should give Scott's Septic Service a call to handle all your routine septic tank pumping, cleaning, and maintenance.

Timely and proper septic tank service goes a long way in improving the efficiency as well as longevity of the system. We are proud to be the leading sources for septic tank service in the Auburn, WA area.

Give us a call if you are serious about:

  • Keeping your septic tank clean
  • Having septic issues identified while still small
  • Avoiding septic system failure that brings your home to a standstill
  • Making your septic system last for the long-term

Get in touch with us to learn more about our septic tank service for your Auburn home.

Auburn Septic Tank Pumping


Generally speaking, septic tank pumping in a home should be done every three to five years. The purpose is to remove the sludge that accumulates over time in the septic tank so that more waste can be accommodated in the tank.

If you do not have septic tank cleaning done frequently, the waste will start backing up into the home once the tank is filled to capacity. Call us for septic tank pumping in your Auburn property so you do not have face the problems when your septic tank and septic system quit working properly.

We understand how important septic tank service is and will schedule a visit from our septic cleaner to your home as early as possible. Moreover, we make sure that the septic tank pumping is done:

  • Using powerful, large capacity septic trucks
  • Thoroughly
  • Carefully, without littering up your yard
  • For an affordable septic pumping cost

Auburn Septic Cleaner


Hiring the right septic cleaner for your Auburn home is essential for keeping your septic system running and not failing prematurely. However, making a wise decision can be difficult with the number of septic tank service providers in your area.

Luckily, we are here to remove the stress of finding the right septic cleaner company and provide you with the capable, experienced and reliable septic cleaner that you are looking for.

With us, you get septic tank pumping services from a professional with:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Excellent septic cleaner reviews from past customers
  • Reputation for honest, customer-friendly practices

Call Scott's Septic Service when you need to hire an expert septic cleaner in Auburn. Call (253) 261-3453 to schedule your septic tank service.