Black Diamond Septic Tank Service


People who choose to live outside the city limits of Black Diamond, WA may have to give up an amenity or two, municipal water services being one of them. You can't live outside of a city without having a septic tank on your property that flushes waste from your pipes.

Fortunately, Scott's Septic Service offers full septic tank service in the area of Black Diamond. We will:

  • Provide septic tank pumping
  • Perform septic tank cleaning
  • Give you a free estimate before we do any work

Our owner-operator is the person you can trust to promptly answer your call and arrive to perform the work to the highest standards. We are the #1 company to call for any and all septic tank needs in the area.

Black Diamond Septic Tank Pumping


Septic tank pumping is the only way to make sure your tank is maintained properly. One thing is certain: you do not want the tank to get so full that it overflows. This alone can cost you thousands of dollars to repair, not including the cost of the ruined landscaping or any damages done to the inside of your Black Diamond home!

There is only one way to prevent this, and that is to have septic tank pumping done at regular intervals. The cost is minimal and the savings are infinite. Our company will:

  • Empty and flush the tank
  • Dispose of waste material
  • Ensure your peace of mind

When you call us, you'll be pleasantly surprised how low the cost of septic cleaning and maintenance can be. We also make it as stress-free for you as possible.

Black Diamond Septic Cleaner


You may wonder if there is a septic cleaner located near you, and the answer is yes! We are centrally located near Black Diamond and serve the surrounding areas. We not only clean septic tanks for residential homes but also businesses no matter the size, so you may want to keep this in mind if you are a business owner looking for a septic cleaner in your area.

We can provide references from our current and past customers, and you can also read our reviews online. Our service is:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Professional
  • Priced well below other septic cleaners

Don't wait for a septic disaster to happen; call us now to schedule an appointment to get your septic tank emptied.

Scott's Septic Service is the only name you need to know for septic tank pumping in Black Diamond. Our number is (253) 261-3453.