Covington Septic Tank Service


Anyone residing in Covington, WA who doesn't have access to a public water system knows the value of a good septic tank service. This is the company that cleans the septic tank located on your property, and Scott's Septic Service is the company to call.

Not only do we pump the tank and get rid of the waste during our septic tank service, but we also thoroughly clean the tank after. Septic tank pumping or cleaning is not a job everyone wants to take on, but we do it so quickly and effortlessly that Covington homeowners are very surprised at how fast we operate! We will:

  • Arrive right on time
  • Use the best equipment
  • Get the job done right away

Just call us for a free quote on septic tank service anytime. It's a nasty job but we do it well!

Covington Septic Tank Pumping


Let our professional septic tank pumping technician get the job done for you. We have owned and operated our septic tank pumping business in Covington for many years, and we have numerous satisfied clients who call on us whenever septic tank service is required.

This is definitely not a job you can do by yourself; you have to have the proper equipment, which we do. Our septic tank pumping cost is also very reasonable considering the nature of the business. For example, we can:

  • Give you a free estimate beforehand
  • Locate your septic tank in case you don't know where it is
  • Determine the size of your tank

Just call us for any and all of your septic tank pumping needs. We are the only company you will ever need for septic issues on your property.

Covington Septic Cleaner


Nothing is worse than a septic tank that overflows onto your property. A mess like that can cost you thousands of dollars in property damage and take a long time to return your Covington yard to normal again.

Preventing this is as simple as scheduling a routine examination of your tank by our professional septic cleaner near you. Once you are on our list for routine inspection, our septic cleaner will:

  • Inspect your septic tank to gauge fullness
  • Check the property for any water or sewage damage
  • Schedule a date to empty the tank

A septic tank doesn't have to be something just waiting to destroy your property! Proper management by a professional septic cleaner will ensure it works flawlessly for years to come.

Call (253) 261-3453 to connect to Scott's Septic Service for regular maintenance or septic tank pumping in Covington.