Normandy Park Septic Tank Service


Septic tanks are definitely not the most pleasant topic of conversation, but if you live beyond the reach of municipal water services, you do have to give it some thought.

Normandy Park, WA homeowners who choose the quiet, country life have to take septic tank service as a matter of course, and Scott's Septic Service keeps things running smoothly for them.

Our company is owner-operated, and we will:

  • Schedule your appointment
  • Get the job done quickly
  • Check for any problems

Don't let a full septic tank ruin your landscaping! Just call us to take care of the tank before problems crop up.

Normandy Park Septic Tank Pumping


Do you have any idea when your septic tank was last pumped on your Normandy Park residence? You may not think this information is necessary, but in the case of septic tank overflow, it is vital to know when the last septic tank pumping was done.

There are certain warning signs to watch for, but by the time you notice them, it may be too late! This is what you may be up against if the septic tank gets too full:

  • Wet, soggy areas in and around the tank location
  • A horrible smell
  • Toilet and drains backing up

This is not something any Normandy Park homeowner wants to deal with, but unfortunately it happens often! This is why we recommend regular septic tank pumping and cleaning, about every 3 to 5 years. But you can always call us for quick septic tank pumping anytime.

Normandy Park Septic Cleaner


If you are wondering who the best septic cleaner is in your area, just ask your friends who they call on when it is time to get their septic tank emptied. Word of mouth recommendations are often the best way to locate a great company, but you can also check online reviews to see what others are saying about the services we offer.

We are a local company if you are looking for someone near you. We are the company to call for:

  • Free estimates
  • Reasonable rates
  • Reliable services

Just call us to schedule periodic tank cleaning and inspection to keep your Normandy Park septic problems to a minimum. Our owner-operator is known for his expertise and top-notch customer service.

Scott's Septic Service can address all your septic needs in Normandy Park. Just call (253) 261-3453 to speak with us.