SeaTac Septic Tank Service


Ensuring proper maintenance of the waste disposal system is a crucial part of owning a house. For homeowners who use a privately installed septic system, it means getting timely septic tank service.

Sewage generated in properties that are not connected to the city sewers gets collected in the tank of the septic system from where the wastewater moves to the drain field. Septic tank pumping is required from time to time for:

  • Removing the sludge accumulated over time in the tank
  • Preventing sewage backup caused by overflowing tanks
  • Extending the life of the septic tank as well as the septic system

Call Scott's Septic Service for regular septic tank service in your SeaTac, WA area home to make sure your septic system keeps working fine for years to come. We send our well-trained septic cleaner to carry out septic tank pumping in your home.

Our septic tank service removes the sludge so that the waste inflow can continue unhindered.

SeaTac Septic Tank Pumping


Are you wondering how frequently you should arrange for septic tank pumping in your SeaTac area house?

We can help you plan a suitable septic tank service schedule. While generally a visit by the septic cleaner to most homes becomes due every 3-5 years, a more precise interval for septic tank pumping jobs in your particular home can be decided after considering important factors like:

  • Size of your property
  • Number of family members
  • The usual amount of water consumption
  • Septic tank size

Do not forget or otherwise delay calling our technicians for septic tank pumping in your home. Otherwise, you might suddenly find yourself with backing up toilets and drains creating a real mess in your living space.

SeaTac Septic Cleaner


There is no doubt that on-time septic tank cleaning is a must to keep your septic system functional, maintain a hygienic home, and avoid penalties for municipal and environmental violations.

However, you should make sure to hire the right septic cleaner so that the septic tank pumping is done thoroughly and you do not have to prematurely arrange a septic tank service.

Make us your first and only call when you need the services of a septic cleaner around SeaTac.

With us, you have the peace of hiring proven pros with:

  • Vast experience in septic pumping and cleaning
  • Top-rated septic cleaner reviews
  • State-of-the-art septic cleaner trucks and equipment

Rely on established experts for septic tank service in the SeaTac area. Call Scott's Septic Service at (253) 261-3453.