South King County Septic Tank Service


Owning a home comes with a number of responsibilities. One of these is making sure of proper maintenance of the waste disposal system. For homes with a privately installed septic system for waste management, the homeowners must get septic tank pumping and cleaning done at regular intervals.

Timely septic tank service keeps the system in good condition for continued use in the coming years. Call Scott's Septic Service if you are a homeowner in need of septic tank service in the South King County, WA area.

We are one of the leading septic pumping companies in the region. In business since 2002, we are reputed for delivering septic tank service:

  • In a very organized, professional manner
  • As a well-trained, seasoned septic cleaner
  • With state-of-the-art equipment

We are available 7 days a week to allow flexible, convenient scheduling of our septic tank service for South King County homes.

South King County Septic Tank Pumping


Daily waste generated in a home collects in the septic tank. Sludge keeps accumulating in the tank and fills it after a while. Septic tank pumping is done to remove the sludge to a proper disposal site and allow continued use of the septic system.

Generally, septic tank pumping in South King County homes is recommended every 3-5 years. You may need to call up a septic cleaner in-between also after hosting a large gathering in your house to deal with the more than usual waste.

Feel free to contact us whenever septic tank service is due at your home. With us, you stand to have the septic tank pumping done:

  • Quickly
  • Sincerely, without cutting corners
  • To match the highest industry standards

South King County Septic Cleaner


You cannot call up just any septic tank service provider you come across and have a septic cleaner sent over. Exploring the options and making a careful choice is essential to ensure that the septic cleaner coming to your South King County home is:

  • Proven pro at septic tank cleaning
  • Safe to have around your family
  • Respectful of your time and property

Ensure your peace of mind by scheduling us for septic tank pumping services. We are an ethical, well-respected, family owned and operated company staffed by highly skilled technicians. Contact us today to schedule a visit by our septic cleaner to your home.

Scott's Septic Service is the go-to expert for septic tank pumping services in the South King County region. Call (253) 261-3453.