Kent Septic Truck Pumping

Professional Kent Septic Truck Pumping in WA near 83704

If you own a home that is not hooked up to the city waste lines, then you know what a chore it can be to try and hunt down a pumping company that is not only able to do the job for you, but wont take advantage of your emergency state.

Scotts Septic Service has been your local septic tank pumping solution for all your needs for nearly 10 years.

And in that time, Scott has developed loyal customers all around the area that would highly recommend his pumping service to anyone.

In such an easily forgettable chore as septic tank maintenance, Scotts Septic Service placed its highest priority on customer satisfaction.

And while just having the tools, and equipment to do the job right is important, we don’t feel that is enough to earn the right of your repeat business.

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Kent Septic Tank Cleaning

Did you know that you are recommended to call for a septic tank cleaning at least every three years?

Sometimes even more depending on how many people live in your house or use its restrooms and what maintenance is required to keep your system clean.

And it is recommended that the septic pump tank is serviced every six years or less, again dependent on how many people are using it.

Many times while performing septic tank pumping around the Kent area, we find that people have put off their maintenance years past what they should have.

Almost every time we get the same answer to our question as to why: “We thought it was a good way to save money.”

However if you have seen the type of damage that letting a tank over flow can cause, you would never let your house fall in to this category.

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Kent Clean Septic System

Best Kent Clean Septic System in WA near 83704

When a tank over flows, it can back up into the house, and cause some of the lower drains in your house to over flow as well. Cleaning this would be a big job.

One Kent house with hardwood floors had over $30,000.00 worth of damage done because of a backed up septic system that hadn’t had its routine septic tank maintenance to keep it clean.

Another Kent house had to have its entire sand filter removed, disposed of, and rebuilt.

After factoring the damage done inside and outside of the house, the total bill for this catastrophe came to well over $70,000.00.

So if you’re in the Kent area and are looking for septic tank pumping and want to keep it clean, don’t hesitate to call the best name in Kent for septic tank maintenance. Call Scotts Septic Service Today!

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