Septic Truck Pumping Maple Valley


septic-truck-pumping-in-maple-valley-waDo you have a home in the Maple Valley area around water? 

You probably already know if you are on a septic system, but did you know that you might have a septic tank filter?

These extra filters need to be serviced every 6 to 12 months, and avoiding doing so can cause huge amounts of damage to your system, home, and the environment.

Call Scotts Septic Service, a local Maple Valley owner operated business, and we’ll come out and create a care plan for your septic system.

Not only do we do septic tank pumping and septic tank service, but we also offer a ton of other services like electronic tank locating, tank baffle repair or replacement, inspections for real estate requirements, and even some light excavating.


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Maple Valley Septic Tank Cleaning

Scotts Septic Service is a one-stop shop when it comes to septic tank pumping and septic tank service, and with nothing but the highest reviews for customer service and professional workmanship, you only need to remember one name and number for all your septic tank service needs.

maple-valley-septic-tank-cleaningWe also can make you aware of any potential hazards to your septic system and let you know how best to combat them.

Such as doing all your laundry on one day, or using a garbage disposal on a septic system.

Or perhaps you have a sand filter instead of a drain field and didn’t know it.

Maybe your interior tank baffles got damaged by the last company that did septic tank pumping for you.

Or maybe you don’t even know where the lid to your septic tank is and need us to conduct our electronic tank location service.

No matter what your septic tank woes are, Scotts Septic Service is here to help. One call will put you in the most capable and knowledgeable hands around.

Clean Septic System in Maple Valley

Save yourself a world of headaches and trouble and call the local Maple Valley septic tank pumping specialist to come help keep your septic system flowing smoothly and safely.

Call Scotts Septic Service today and give us a chance to earn your business and a customer for life.